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Strength Mobility Energy

Strength Mobility EnergyStrength Mobility EnergyStrength Mobility Energy

Resistance Training

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Resistance training covers a wide range of exercises. Broadly it can be divided into three main areas. 

Bodyweight training - using your own body weight as resistance. This is very effective for beginners and functional training. This includes suspension training.

Free weights - using handheld weights such as dumbells or kettle bells, and is a natural progression from bodyweight training. 

Resistance machines - using a static weight training machine to target specific muscle groups.

This type of training is advantageous to all; young, old, male, female. Muscle keeps us balanced, keeps us strong and keeps us mobile and as an added extra it consumes calories, even whilst at rest. 

Medical evidence shows the benefits this training has on preventing osteoporosis and assisting mental health. 

Resistance training means losing body fat and keeping it off forever.

I will ensure you use correct form and design a balanced training program to challenge the body and the mind, preventing injuries and boredom.